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Pickleball Finland is hands down the most experienced organizer of pickleball tournaments and other events in Finland. In November 2015 we organized the first ever pickleball tournament in Finland (and Scandinavia). The 1st Finnish Open Pickleball Championships took place in Espoo, next to Helsinki.

Since then we have organized eight other tournaments. The 2nd Finnish Open Pickleball Championships took place in June 2017 and brought together 110 athletes from 9 different countries to compete in Espoo, including some of the world's best players from USA and Canada. This is by far the biggest and most international pickleball tournament played so far in Finland. The latest major event was the 4th Pickleball Finnish Open in May 2022.

We have also gained experience in organizing tournaments by taking part in other biggest European tournaments in Holland, England, Germany, Scotland and Spain, as well as networking with international tournament organizers like the US, UK and Spanish Open and the IFP and WPF. 

European tournaments in 2023

Here we will add European tournaments in 2023 as soon as they are announced. 

  • 23.–26.2. European Pickleball Open 2023, Rota (Spain)

  • 15.–16.4. Finnish Pickleball Nationals, Kuopio (Finland)

  • 29.4.–1.5. Pickleball Porto Open, Porto (Portugal)

  • 5.–7.5. International Pickleball Championships in Rome, Rome (Italy)

  • 8.–11.6. Reballution Cup, Rota (Spain)

  • 22.–25.6. Pickleball Irish Open, Dublin (Ireland)

  • 29.6.–2.7. Peak Elche-Alicante Masters, Alicante (Spain)

  • 1.–2.7. Head Pickleball Open, Palavas-les-Flots (France)

  • 15.7. Pickleball outdoor tournament, Iisalmi (Finland)

  • 21.–23.7. First Belgian Pickleball Open, Brussels (Belgium)

  • 3.–6.8. English Open 2023, Telford (England)

  • 18.–20.8. Hungarian Open Pickleball Championships, Dabas (Hungary)

  • 30.8.–3.9. Italian Open Pickleball Championships 2023, Tocco Da Casauria (Italy)

  • 2.–3.9. Rhoen Open 2023, Heustreu (Germany)

  • 4.–8.10. German "Octoberfest" Open, Gelsenkirchen (Germany)

  • 3.–5.11. Namur Pickleball Open, Namur (Belgium)

  • 13.–15.11. Head International Luxembourg Pickleball Open, (Luxembourg)

  • 24.–26.11. Pickleball Cologne Open, Koeln (Germany)

  • 2.–3.12. Pickleball Finland Xmas Games, Espoo (Finland)

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