Pickleball Finland

XMAS Games 2018

Welcome to play pickleball in December 2018 in Espoo, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere! This will be our 3rd Xmas tournament and 2nd tournament this year. Pickleball is fun, so please don't take the event too seriously. Instead, come along and enjoy the day by playing the fastest growing sport in America! Everyone is warmly welcome, regardless of their age or skill level.

Tournament details:

  • Date & time: Saturday 8th December, 2018 starting at 9.00am-6.30pm (schedule will be confirmed later). Please reserve enough time for the tournament day!

  • Venue: Foreverclub Matinkylä, Matinkartanontie 1, 02230 ESPOO, Finland. (Map: https://goo.gl/maps/AHUiAEmX4Mv)

  • Categories:

    • Women's Open Doubles

    • Men's Open Doubles

    • Men's Doubles 60+

    • Mixed Open Doubles

  • Only male players allowed in Men's Doubles

  • In addition to Mixed Open Doubles, men can play either Open Doubles or Doubles 60+ (based on their age)

  • Tournament fees: one category = 25 €/player, two categories = 40 €/player

  • Tournament ball will be the Jugs neon green ball, the most popular indoor ball in the market

  • Three (3) best teams in each category will be awarded with medals, and the winning teams will receive additional prizes. In addition, fantastic prizes will be all available in a free raffle for all contestants.​


In each category the guaranteed minimum amount of games for every team is three (3). However, most obviously every team will play at least 4–5 games per event, depending on the size of the bracket. On some of the courts lowered, regular badminton nets will be used so the net posts will stay in place.

Please send in your registration as soon as possible, deadline for registration is Friday 9.00pm, 30th November 2018. The registration is obligatory. If a player cancels their registration after 3rd December, the tournament fees will not be refunded. However, if the minimum amount of teams have not registered, the registration fees for that specific catergory will be refunded. Same applies if a partner can't be found for a player in event registered.


  • Please try to confirm your playing partner already before sending your registration. Tell her/his name in the registration form. This procedure saves a lot of time and unnecessary payment refunds

  • Please note that each player must fill the registration form individually

  • If your intention is play in two events, please register preferably to both of them at the same time

  • We might have more males than females registering in Mixed Doubles. which means everyone may not be able to find a partner

  • Even though you wouldn't have a partner beforehand you are still welcome to register. We will try to find a partner for you

  • More pickleball available on Sunday morning at 10-12 on our regular weekly session. Price 7 euros.

Sign up also ​in the tournament on Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/278497576206919/

More info about the tournament:

Pickleball Finland, Tuomo Antikainen, pickleball.finland@gmail.com.

The organizer has the right to combine or cancel categories if insufficient entries.

Our sponsors:

We're proud to co-operate with our long-term American partners Selkirk Sport, Paddletek and PickleballCentral.com, all industry-leading companies! Thanks for sponsoring our event! There will be some awesome prizes up for grabs!

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