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188.000 lakes

WHAT to see

Finland is full of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the Midnight Sun and winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West. Our country is famous for its wild nature, midnight sun, clean lakes (there are 188.000 of them!), pure air, Finnish design, Finnish sauna (we have 3.2 million!) and of course the real Santa Claus, to name a few.


Even The Lonely Planet chose Finland, as the only European country, to be #3 on their Top Countries Best in Travel 2017 list. Or check out the 56 reasons by Buzzfeed why you should move to Finland immediately! Also National Geographic recently chose Finland as one of the destinations on its "Best of The World" list. And finally CN Traveller lists 10 best things to do in Finland. Also The Independent lists "where to go and what to see in Helsinki in 48 hours".

If this will be your first time in Finland, we recommend you don’t come just for pickleball but have some extra time to see and feel what Helsinki and rest of the country has to offer. That’s a lot! 

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Outside Finland

And if Finland is not enough (which we strongly doubt!), how about visiting the gorgeous medieval old town of Tallinn in Estonia? There are several daily cruises from Helsinki that take you to Tallinn is just 2–2,5 hours. The price is more than affordable: you can get a return ticket for as low as 20–25 euros. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do a group trip there together and spend a day seeing the sights and enjoying good food? 


Also Stockholm is within easy reach by cruises from Helsinki. You departure in the evening and arrive in Sweden early next morning and vice versa.

Or would you prefer to see the phenomenal sights of St. Petersburg, Russia? From Helsinki you can get there easily by train in just 3,5 hours.


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