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It's better to provide enough rather than too little information. Here's a list of answers to the most common questions you might have regarding the tournament. And if something vital is missing, please don't hesitate to ask, preferably before submitting your registration. We will update the list accordingly.


When will the 3rd Pickleball Finnish Open be held?
The Tournament will be held on 14–16 June 2019.

Where will the 3rd Pickleball Finnish Open be held?
The Tournament will be held in Espoo, in a city just next to our capital Helsinki. The indoor courts are located at Esport Center, in Tapiola Sports Park. The street address of the venue is Koivu-Mankkaan tie 3, Tapiola, Espoo. See the map.

How do I get to the venue?

Our capital area has an excellent public transportation system. From Helsinki Airport there is a commuter train that takes you to Helsinki city center in less than 30 minutes. An Airport Bus is also available. The brand new western metro line from Helsinki City center runs frequently and there's a station just 100 metres from the venue. There are also several bus lines that stop within few hundred metres from the venue. More info: check out the How to get here page.


What is the playing venue like?
Esport is the largest indoor sports complex in the Nordic countries. For our tournament we can have up to 16 badminton courts (2x8) available in one big hall divided with a hanging curtain. The total number of courts used will be optimized depending on the number of participants. Correct kitchen lines will be marked and portable pickleball nets used. The floor is professional flexible indoor sports floor that is easy on your feet.

Spacious changing rooms with showers, saunas (of course in Finland!) and lockable lockers for personal items are available (coin deposit). There is also a Pro Shop where you can purchase apparel etc. you might need. In addition, a free wi-fi is available at Esport Center. The password can be obtained from the reception.


Are there lunch, snacks and drinks available at the venue?

Yes. Esport Café in the same building (see photos) serves soup and/or salad lunches on Friday 'til 6pm and Saturday and Sunday until 3pm. The price is 6,50–11 € per meal. We will do our best to organize the schedules so that every team has time to enjoy a proper lunch. Sandwiches, baquettes, energy and protein bars & drinks, candy, coffee, soda, etc. are also for sale at the café all day long throughout the tournament. 

In the registration form we ask your tentative intention to buy the lunch (this helps the kitchen in their preparation). The lunch will be paid directly at the café.

Is tap water drinkable?

Yes. In Finland tap water is very, very pure. So it’s safe to fill your water bottles from any tap.

Have you arranged first aid service at the venue?

Esport Center has basic first aid kit available (band-aid, bandage, cold packs, etc.). We will also try to arrange a person on site with basic first-aid skills. For more severe injuries, there is a ambulance on call at a nearby Fire station just 2 minutes from the venue. For emergencies, one of the largest hospitals in Finland is located in Espoo just 10 minutes away. To avoid injuries, please warm up properly before the games and remember to hydrate throughout the days.


Will all the players be insured by the organizer of the tournament?

No. Every participant must take care of their own insurance for travel and injuries. Before submitting the online registration form it is also mandatory for everyone to accept the Release, Permission and Indemnity Agreement Waiver. The tournament organizer or the venue cannot be held responsible in any way for any injuries or damage that might occur.

Will there be parking near the venue?
There is lots of free (3 hrs) parking space available right in front of Esport Center and elsewhere in Tapiola Sports Park area. You need to get a permission from the reception and place it in your car.


What kind of city is Espoo?
Espoo is Finland’s 2nd biggest city and it is located on the south coast, just west from Helsinki, our capital. The nature is very close everywhere in Espoo and scenery changes from 58 kms of coastline with 165 islands in south to wild wilderness and Finland’s southernmost National Park (“Nuuksio”) up north. Espoo has 5 bigger district centers with ca 50,000 inhabitants in each. Tapiola, closest to our venue “Esport Center” is one of them.


Have you arranged accommodation for tournament participants?

Yes. We have made a deal with special prices with one hotel close to the venue. Please read more about accommodation.

Where are the players to this tournament coming from?
We are welcoming players from all countries where pickleball is played! The tournament director may have to limit the total number of participants at some point so send in your registration early!


Which ball will be used in the tournament?

The tournament ball will be Jugs indoor ball, hands down the most popular indoor ball in the world.


What is the tournament format going to be?

We will play round-robin, followed by single elimination. The tournament categories are based on skill level (official or self-estimated). The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify divisions and tournament format based on number of participants to have relatively even number of players and the ensure players maximum amount of games. Groups may be combined or cancelled if insufficient entries, or added if needed. More details of the format will be available latest after the registration deadline.


What events will be included in the tournament?
Events include Women’s and Men's Singles, Women's and Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Will this be a sanctioned tournament?

International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) official rules will apply. Official rules can be found at Note: this is a non-sanctioned tournament.

How many games am I guaranteed to play?
Participants are guaranteed a minimum of four (4) games. Groups may be combined or cancelled if insufficient entries.

How do I determine my rating or skill level?

Go to the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) IFP Player Ratings Descriptions. Skill levels are determined by the skill level specified on your registration form. You can either use your official skill level or if you don't have one, give your self-estimated level.


What determines the skill level bracket of the team?

The tournament is skill-based and the higher level of the team is used to select the skill group. For example, a team with a 3.5 player and a 4.5 player will be placed in a group according to which the 4.5 level player should play in.

How many players will be allowed in each division?
Player limits are at the discretion of the tournament director. It all depends on how many players will register to the tournament.


What is the tournament schedule going to be?
Please see the Tournament in brief page for more information.


Why must I check-in each day I play?
You must check-in each day so we know that all the players have arrived and to ensure tournament registration is in order. Players will not be allowed to play if any part of their registration is incomplete or their event fees have not been paid.


Will the results be live on the Internet?
Yes. After the tournament we will post the medal winners of each event  & category at least on Pickleball Finland’s Facebook page and on our website


When will the participant list be published? 
Lists of participants for each event will be announced as soon as possible after the registration has closed.

When are the pools for play going to be posted?
Pools for each Eventwill be announced latest on the morning of play for that event. Due to last minute team or player withdrawals, the pools may change right up to the morning of play. To avoid confusion, the pools will be announced only when they are set for that day’s event.

When does registration open?
Registration is already open.

When does registration close?
Registration Deadline is 24 May 2019 at 6:00pm EET. Additional registrations will generally not be accepted after the deadline. In case there still are players without a partner, the tournament director can make an exception to have full teams. The sooner you register, the better for all.

How do I pay my registration and event fees?
The payment method is credit card via the online tournament & registration software. All fees are in euros (€). Fees are due immediately, so please register only when you are also ready to pay the fees.

After the registration deadline, can I add an event, order the tournament T-shirt or sign up for the tournament dinner?
This will be up to the tournament director. All practicalities such as printing the tournament t-shirts and confirming the number of people participating the tournament dinner have to be made well in advance. Therefore we cannot guarantee that changes are possible after the deadline. But you can always ask!


The tournament t-shirt I ordered is too big/small for me. Can I change the size?

Unfortunately not. The shirts are made to order in advance, so we don’t have any extras. But you can of course always ask other players to swap shirts with you.


Can I change my partner after the registration deadline?
In some instances, yes; such as a partner illness or injury. The substitution can only be made with a player already registered in the tournament and if she/he is still without a partner. Otherwise this procedure may result a lot of extra work and series of changes in teams and pools. Note: if you want to change your partner, please always consult first the Tournament Director by sending us an email.

Who is eligible to play in this tournament?
Any player who is at least 14 years old may participate. Players under 18 must have their parents’ permission to participate and be under supervision of an adult.

When I registered I listed my partner. Is he/she registered also? 
No. Every player must submit his/her own registration. Only those individuals who have submitted their own registrations by 24 May 2019 and paid registration and event fees will be considered registered.

What if I want to register for an event, but I don’t have a partner?
When filling in the online registration from, mark ALL the events you would like to participate in (even though you wouldn't have a partner in them yet), plus simply indicate that you need a partner for certain event(s). Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that there will be a partner for every player. The tournament director reserves the right to decide who will be matched with whom.


In case you don't already have a set partner, you can register and put yourself on a partner waiting list. We will try to find you a partner.


What if my partner gets injured during the tournament; can I get another partner for my other event?

You can only get a partner from those already registered in the tournament. You cannot substitute another player once the event starts. If you or your partner can’t play, please inform us at the Venue. We can then possibly find a replacement for you or your partner and at least we know the withdrawing player will not be showing up the day of the event. All changes after the registration deadline are subject to approval.

If I have to cancel my registration and withdraw from the tournament, can I get a refund?

Yes, as long as you have withdrawn from the tournament by using the online registration system. The deadline for withdrawals is 31 May 2019 6:00 PM EET. Players will receive a refund equal to the registration, events and tournament dinner (but not the optional tournament t-shirt), less with 20 € processing fee. Cancellations sent after 31 May 2019 will not qualify for a refund.

What if I have registered and paid all fees but eventually a partner cannot be found for me. Can I get a refund?

Yes, see above. The refund will be made only for the events a partner could not be found.

NOTE: Information in this FAQ may be updated without notice.

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